Who are we?

G&G International Commerce BVBA is a Belgian company specialized in import of high quality Tequila 100% Agave. The companyname is derived from the name of the founders Guadalupe Franco Guerrero, also known as Lupita, and Gaston Thomissen.


What drives us?

Every year we go and visit Mexico to enjoy our family, our friends, the culture and so on. Since many years we buy for ourselves and for our friends Tequila 100% Agave. Very often we get the question 'Where can we buy this Tequila?' or 'How am I supposed to drink Tequila? With Lemon and Salt?' and many more of those questions.

We got aware that Tequila is an interesting product for the European market and that the European people are interested to know more about Tequila. As there are not so many good Tequilas available on the European market and due to the fact that Tequila is experienced as a 'one-shot' drink we have put ourself the goal to create awareness about what Tequila is and how to enjoy, taste and appreciate Tequila.


Our knowledge

We visit Jalisco, the region of Tequila, every year. We are in direct contact with La Camara Nacional de La Industria Tequilera (CNIT), with El Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT), with some profesional Tequila tasters (Catadores) en with several Tequila producers. This way we keep informed about the latest developments.



Your advantage

With our knowledge we kan give another dimension to your life experience. Tequila, with its cultural background should be part of it.

Are you looking for an original and authentical Tequila, we assure you that with our Tequila you distinguish in your marktsegment. Only the better Tequila brands are part of our product portfolio.

We also give presentations and tastings about Tequila. This can be on-site. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Our motto is:

broaden your life experience